Deglobalization Round-Up: September 1

Vietnam and India emerge as major components of Apple’s supply chain. An engineer shortage could hamper Vietnam’s chip ambitions. Nvidia and AMD face new US export restrictions to some Middle Eastern countries. Plus: global logistics groups ramp up Asia investments.


Deglobalization Round-Up: April 12

Apple's pivot to India picks up steam as concerns grow about the Ford-CATL facility in Michigan, the role of international companies in fueling China's aerospace apparatus, and sanctions risk in a deglobalized environment. Plus: Vanguard leaves China and Macron's Xi Jinping "love-fest."


Deglobalization Round-Up: November 25

Bill Ackman calls deglobalization a long-term structural tend, The Financial Times investigates it as a necessity for future prosperity, and growing contradiction between the US and Chinese business environments underscore its inevitability. Plus: Violence at Apple's main Chinese iPhone-making plant, continued supply chain disruption, and an opportunity for Mexico.