Deglobalization Round-Up: March 11

Canada moves to review mineral investments, Germany to review telecommunications networks, and the US to review technologies emanating from adversary countries. Plus US companies are rethinking Chinese supply chains, reshoring solar energy production promises to accelerate decarbonization, and Silicon Valley Bank's China tie.

Deglobalization Round-Up: March 4

General Electric invests in the US as Apple's China suppliers seek international bases, the US solar industry tries to wean itself off China, and HSBC admits that its support for Beijing has threatened human rights. Plus, Putin and Biden shore up their respective, conflicting alliances against a backdrop of global trade, Beijing's data control, and new additions to the entity list.


Deglobalization Round-Up: December 30

Is the automotive industry the canary in the coal mine: Major auto makers turn away from China, Tesla shuts down production in Shanghai, BMW and Volkswagen grapple with soaring COVID-19 cases in China. Plus: Customs and Border Production detains goods made with North Korean labor and tensions between Serbia and Kosovo escalate.

Deglobalization Round-Up: November 25

Bill Ackman calls deglobalization a long-term structural tend, The Financial Times investigates it as a necessity for future prosperity, and growing contradiction between the US and Chinese business environments underscore its inevitability. Plus: Violence at Apple's main Chinese iPhone-making plant, continued supply chain disruption, and an opportunity for Mexico.