Deglobalization Round-Up: July 14

Following a raid on Bain's Shanghai offices in March, Chinese authorities are now appearing to take a friendlier approach, paying the consulting firm a courtesy call this month. Meanwhile, Ron DeSantis says he would support revoking China's trade status, global investors cool on China's reopening play, and the tables have turned for foreign carmakers in China.


The Week That’s Done: China’s Full-Stack EV Strategy

Chinese automakers are making moves to dominate downstream auto services — with implications for national and industrial security. Meanwhile, the G7 celebrates the success of its Russian oil price cap, a looming oil deficit, and a wave of consolidation in energy and mining markets. Plus: more firms are betting on national security as a guiding investment thesis.


The Week That’s Done: August 14

The CHIPS Act is a carrot and Manchin's EV sourcing requirements a stick: US industrial competition could be ready for a comeback - if the private sector is on board. Plus: The energy scramble continues while Turkey plays metals middleman; US inflation relaxes, but so does productivity; and China flexes its delisting muscles

The Week That’s Done: July 24

The EU's twin energy and economic crises threaten the bloc's cohesion, also political losses on those struggling to hold it together. Plus: Inflationary pressures mean no tariffs on Russian fertilizer, dumping be damned; the EV revolution strengthens China's auto hand; monkeypox is a global health emergency; and more fun fun fun.